Organizing a Resume When a Person Has Little Work Experience

Excellent organization for your job application and resume is important for making sure employers notice the highlights and take an interest. Job application forms are usually straightforward and don’t leave much room for creativity. That’s why adding a resume to the application can be advantageous. If you don’t have much work experience yet, you can include other factors about yourself that indicate talents, skills and other positive attributes.

Professional resume writers sometimes advocate for a document known as a functional resume. This lists a person’s achievements and skills at the top of the document instead of listing the work experience in chronological order, which is standard. Unfortunately, employers tend to feel frustrated with these resumes. Even if someone has very little work experience, it’s still usually best to list those one or two jobs at the top, and then move on to different accomplishments, skills and education completed.

A high school student or a recent high school graduate may want to apply at a retail store, but may feel there is no work experience to list. This young person might consider whether he or she has ever earned money outside of doing tasks around the house. Babysitting can be referred to as child care, and emphasized as an essential job for making sure little ones stay safe when their parents aren’t home. Unpaid experience might count too. Even if the student’s or recent graduate’s work experience only includes helping grandparents on a family farm, that can be included, describing the important tasks that were completed. Helping out in the school office, such as answering phones and filing paperwork, can be listed. The applicant should be honest about these being unpaid positions if that’s the case.

Under this information, the applicant can list any awards received during high school or perhaps middle school. Extracurricular activities can be listed as well. Completing 10 years of piano lessons should be considered an accomplishment, as it shows commitment. If the employer’s advertisement for job applicants included personal qualities they want, those qualities can be mentioned. For example, a retail store may look for applicants who get along well with a variety of people. An applicant might list on the resume membership in diverse clubs and other organizations.